Monday, March 26, 2012

A Busy Day...

Today was my son's birthday.  He got a reading lamp for his bed and his AWESOME quilt :)

See how cute he is all wrapped up in it. The weather even cooperated and was cold enough to need a blankie!
 For my sewing antics, I started on the messenger bag for one of my daughters.  She wants a messenger bag with a dresden plate on the front of the flap.  I took pictures of what I did :)
This is the AWESOME ruler that I use.
Here are the blades all cut and wanting to be sewn...
Them in a pile ;D
chain sewing the tops together
look, they make a pretty wheel.
Cool wheel, eh?
These are the tweezers that I use to get the blades turned and nice and pointy.
After turning and pressing.
Laying around wanting to be joined in a neat ring!
Sewing them up :)
These are quiltsmart circles.  I LOVE them!  Easy peasy!
After all of my blades are sewn together, I coax all of the threads toward the center then I lay a circle of wonder under on the back and press. ...but not the hole.... I avoid pressing the center until the center circle is on the front....
Now I press my center circle, then press the center back...  Is that as clear as mud?
Dessert time!  This is a rainbow chip cake with split layers that are filled with Marionberries.  The frosting is chocolate cream cheese frosting.  My 6 year old wanted the peeps :) My 17 year old decorated it :)
Just FYI, these are my first flying geese EVER!  I love them.  they are SO cute!!!
I also cut out the top for the February $29 quilt.  I am going to sew that bad boy tomorrow!


  1. Ford is adorable! It looks like he had a great birthday! It's a great thing to know that our kids love the quilts we make them!

    Love your new fabric! So fun!

    I posted this on Saturday's blog entry, but I deleted it and am re-posting it here...

    I have good news! My machine is all better! I took it in to Dave's Bernina in Provo and they got it all serviced in about an hour and a half and it's good to go! It had just gotten rusty down inside and so they polished it and spruced it up and we're good! I'm so happy. I had thought I might be without my machine for a week or something and I was feeling pretty sad about that.

    This machine is one that I inherited after my mother passed away two years ago. I don't know when the last time was that it got serviced, but it is a really good machine and I'm so glad I have it!

  2. I am so happy your machine is healed :) A good machine is the BEST! ,,yes, Ford is adorable. He is a really sweet boy!


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