Tuesday, March 13, 2012

LOTS of photos!

So first things first, I had tons of chores to do, starting with this HUGE pile of clean laundry to fold.  I made myself a deal, 10 minutes of folding laundry, 60 minutes of fun with fabric :)  Here are the pictures of my progress ;D

This is my piles all finished.  It's as good as it ever looks ;D  It feels good to have this out of the way... for a few days, or maybe minutes ;) (the stuff in the green basket is folded.. socks and undies)
A SUPER cool package came today :)  It is my Going Coastal fabric.  Isn't it cute???

Star Fish

Sand dollars

AWESOME crabs!!!

Cool Kelp

Plaids and Caps

Everybody hanging out!

A stack of PURE joy!

Now for the quilting :)  Since I don't have the backing for Reagan's quilt, I decided to work on the zig zag quilt for Broadbent's Modern Quilt Guild.  My first meeting is this saturday and I want to have this quilted.  I am going to put pink minky on the back.

 Because the quilt blocks are on point, when they are trimmed at the edges, they edges are on the bias and tend to end up a bit wonky.  I asked Konda how I could maybe help this problem.  She suggested spray starch.  It seemed to work REALLY well.  This is the kind I used.  I won it at the Creative Sewing quilting class last month.

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  1. Lovely fabrics and I really like Your zigzag quilt! Good job on the folding, that's my favorite part of doing laundry :)


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