Friday, March 23, 2012

Little Apples Dresden Plate Table Runner

***I submitted this table runner/mini quilt to the festival of scrappiness :)

This was supposed to be a wedding shower gift, but I think I'm gonna keep the Dresden and give the bride the Wonky Log Cabin... any thoughts?  ....aside from "You are WEIRD!!!"
The cute little blades :)

I LOVE how the back is so nice and neat

And the front aint so bad...

The front with it' middle :)

Mama and her babies

Appliqued on to the back ground

one appliqued, one not

The last one fused to the back ground, waiting to be appliqued on.

YUMMY!  A quilt sandwich for lunch!!! ... along with Cadbury mini eggs...

Ta Da!!!  All finished :)

All of my Little Apples in one basket ;) ...well, side by side :D

Thanks to Amanda Jean.  I am linking up with Finish it up Friday today :)

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  1. Gosh how to choose? I would keep them both!

  2. Woweeeee these are perfect finishes!!

  3. Either one as a gift would be great. Both so nice.

  4. Oh is that table runner beautiful, makes me smile. Dresden blocks are one of my favorites

  5. Love the colors and the prints. I'd keep them both and make the bride something else. Maybe give her some Cadbury eggs instead?

  6. Wow,I'm Dresden plates all the way! Love the look of them and even more to make them. I only made a test block a few years ago and got a set back by appliqueing the plates on the background by hand and it's kind of wobbly. Now I know to fuse them down next time :) Thanks for sharing, it's really beautiful!

  7. Thanks everyone! You are so nice! Fyi, i gave the bride the wonky log cabin :) she loved it! I'm trying really hard to not be too possessive ....I want to keep everything I make :( its hard! ;)
    Kati- I think fusing might be illegal to hard core quilters, but it sure helps me applique them on straight and flat ;)

  8. These are both fantastic!! I too want to keep everything I make, I agree it's hard, but so worth it for me when I see how much the person I give it to truly appreciates it :)

  9. Thanks Shauna! I can always give things to my mother in law, she sews, crochets and knits and loves and appreciates all things handmade :)

  10. I think you're right - keep that fab dresden. The logs are nice too :)

  11. Отлично! Дрезденская тарелка очень красиво получилась.


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