Monday, March 12, 2012

Saturday Shopping

I was shopping with my Sister in Law at Gracie Lou's on Saturday to buy fabric to make a quilt for her son, Austin.  He lost his blankie and needs a new one.  Here is the fabulous fabric that we chose for him.  Austin is blind, so we went more with what Kristine likes as she will have to look at it ;)  It's going to have minky on the back for sure ;D  While we were there, the AWESOME sales clerk showed us how to fold fabric to cut it on the bias quickly and easily.  Here is the photo demo.  I am so glad that I brought my camera :D
This post is possessed!!  Step #1 is stuck down in between step # 4 and #5 :p  I have given up trying to move it for tonight ;)
Step #2
Step #3
Step #4, trim off the top of the fold.
This is Step #1 :)
Step #5  Cut the width you like using the previously trimmed edge as your guide.

 While we were getting checked out, I noticed a "Sale" table.  I wandered over only to find this kit I have been eyeing since January.  It was 25% off so I BOUGHT IT!!! :D  I am sOOOOOOo excited!!!!
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