Monday, March 5, 2012

The Sewing "Room" Makeover ;D

The before picture
I decided that I could not sew anymore until I cleaned out my craft cabinet, now know as the fabric sanctuary :) It was full of scrabooking and stamping stuff along with a large assortment of fabrics and old purse making supplies. In going through the cabinet, I found quite a bit of good stuff :) I'm glad I did it. I feel MUCH better!

Here is all of the "stuff" that needs a new home before packing up :p

The "stuff" that needs a new home packed and stacked neatly.  I wonder where I should shove it?

Here is my sewing cabinet all straightened out. I bought small storage containers at Costco today. I had some larger ones already. I need to have my hubby make me four more shelves to help out with the big piles of wonderful textiles piled on the bottom two large bins. I'll also get some more medium sized bins for those shelves.
I didn't get a before pic of the sewing table, but lets just say that the little table over to the left was a little more difficult to see :)
I hung a bag to collect the selvage strips for a rug I hope to crochet some day :)

These boxes and containers hold my current quilts and projects. I could use some shelves, but that is for another day and another pay check ;D

I figured I'd include pictures of these two embroideries hanging over my sewing area. My mom did these when I was a little girl. I remember thinking that the little girl and boy was me and my younger brother, Dan.  When she gave them to me, I wasn't sure where they would go, I think my sewing "room" is a perfect place for them.
PS- My sewing "room" is just a little corner in our basement family room. It makes it easy for me to be more apart of the family time even though I am pretty much ignoring them 98% ;D


  1. Wow, You did a great job! I have to empty out my sewing room also, but would need to refold my fabrics and combine the ones I got the last few weeks which is piling up already... Wish me luck! :)

  2. It looks so nice! Now you can just have a blast messing it all up again. LoL

  3. I too try to quilt instead of eat. It can take your mind off of cookies. I am nearing the end of my reorganisation of my tiny sewing room. I am already using fabrics that I haven't seen since 1993!! Good Luck.

  4. Nice job! I can only sw so long with a mess around me before I need to get everything straight myself.

  5. wonderful "clean-up"'ve created..creative energy!

    I'm still working on a major organizing-overhaul of my sewing loft. It's getting there.



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