Friday, March 2, 2012

Shoot me NOW!!!

So why do I look at fabric?  Am I NUTS?  The resounding answer to that would be, "YES!" if you ask any of my friends and family, and I suppose they are correct.  Case in point, I just discovered the Going Coastal Collection by Emily Herrick for Michael Miller.  HOLY CRAP!  It is so cute and it reminds me of the trips we used to take to Capitola, California with my grandparents as children.  I must have it!  I have to have it!  If anyone is losing sleep over what to get me for my birthday, this is the answer!!!  I am hopeless and lost in the fanciful world of quilting textiles....

UPDATE-  I just ordered a 1/2 yard of the whole line, 15 prints.  It ended up costing only $7.64 per yard including shipping :)  I am WAY excited!  I should be able to make 2 quilts like Ford's quilt with it :)  (BTW, it's usually $12 per yard at the fabric stores :)

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