Thursday, March 1, 2012

Charming and Cheerful

I found this pattern last night at the 5th ward quilting class in one of Jill's American Patchwork & Quilting magazine August 2011. It is supposed to be made with a charm pack, but since I am so cheep, I went to Morgansons scrap bin and bought about 5 charm packs worth of fabric for $6.40. Here is the layout :)

Three rows sewn.

Stacks of rows

The inside.

I can't wait to use it!!


  1. Pretty - and I love the explanation for your blog. I craft to deal with the stress (five kids, husband in law school, homeschooling) and boredom (yep, the laundry and dishes don't do it for me either). I could polish off a pan o' brownies in record time. I'm trying to redirect my brain instead to the sewing room. Love your blog!

  2. ok where do I sign up to get one for me :) I love it!!! and need a new cute purse, I will pay you for it :) with LOVE really I will.

  3. ps I am Pintresting your stuff "like crazy" :) at least trying to!!

  4. Just get the fabric and it's yours.

  5. Hey Jennie! Thanks for stopping by :) Kids and hubby are wonderful, but there is something magical about making something that stays clean and neat and pretty :) ...and soft and cuddly :)


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