Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Ford's Quilt Sandwich

Sorry these photos are so dark :(  Hopefully you can get the idea :)Here I have layed out the batting and the quilt top.  Smoothing it out with my hands. 
 Next, I roll it up into a nice burrito.  I learned how to do this by reading Elizabeth Hartman's book The Practical Guide to Patchwork.
 Now this is where my technique varies from hers.  I pin the quilt back to the carpet.  I do this for two reasons, #1, the carpet is softer to crawl around on and #2 my friend, Heidi, told me she does it this way, so I tried it.  I suppose there is a #3, there is more large area in my house that has carpet on it than wood floors. :)
 Next, you lay the quilt top roll onto one edge of the pinned quilt back.
 Next you smooth, smooth, smooth, from the center to the edges.
 Now it's time to PIN PIN PIN!  I use the curved safety pins.  I love them :)
  I am almost finished quilting it :)  I couldn't use my platform because it has not been varnished yet and the fabric stuck to the unfinished wood :p  I'll post the finished pictures tomorrow :)

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