Friday, March 30, 2012


WARNING:  this post contains graphic pictures of my hubby's recently repaired heal.  I think they look cool, but some of you might not like them.  I am posting them here for his family to see in order with explanations.  I couldn't figure out how to do it in the email!  I am pretty lame some times....

Just for the few people who don't know us... My sweet hubby fell of our roof in June 2010.  He was repaired at that time by a masterful surgeon, but the damage was too extensive and he never healed properly.  Just before this past Christmas we found out that the failure of the heal was so extensive that would need another repair job.  We were very disappointed.  We enlisted our family and friends to pray and fast for his recovery this time.  I have to say with a humble and grateful heart that our prayers were answered and we have seen miracles, many wonderful miracles and blessings.

Now are you ready for the gruesomeness??? ;D

This is 2 weeks after surgery.

This is 2 weeks after surgery, showing the two new 4" long titanium screws :p  Each screw cost $1,230 :O

Now, this is the pic that makes me sick.  These are the incisions where they screwed in those HUGE screws in through the bottom of his foot.  I am not sure how I thought they got the screws in, but these bad boys surprised me.  When the doctor saw my shock, he said, 'We're not magic!"

the only shot I have of his cast :(  He ended up getting a signature from a REAL player too :)  It glows in the dark ;)

Now this x-ray is 6 weeks post surgery.  You can clearly see how  much more dense the bone is in this x-ray.   
Here it is close up

6 weeks after surgery and the stitches finally come out!!! :D

After a washing :)  Sorry it's blurry :(

This is today :)  It looks SO good!  Even the incisions in the bottom of his heal are nearly all healed :)


  1. Wow! What a brave soul he is! My heart goes out to him for all he's had to go through. I sure hope this surgery is the last one he'll need and that he'll be good as new!

  2. Ouch!!!!! hope he heels quickley xx


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