Saturday, March 24, 2012

Sewing Area Upgrade

After my husbands grandmother passed away, we purchased her home.  While were were cleaning out under the stairs in the basement...scary.... we found this table.  The legs fold down so it lies flat.  It has a "tape measure" stained into it.  I had forgotten about it until just last week.  It is PERFECT for my pressing and cutting board.  I love it.
On an entirely unrelated, yet related subject, yesterday, I got to go out of town with my friend for her birthday.  Her husband booked us a hotel in Park City, Utah :)  We left early Friday and shopped ALL day and didn't get home until Saturday evening...after shopping ALL day :)  I spent WAY too much money and WAY too much fun!  We had a great time at the outlet malls and World Market (Cost Plus) in Park City.  On the way home we stopped at Ikea.  I dropped a LOAD at World Market and Ikea.  At Ikea, I found shelves, storage boxes, a flat sheet, fabric for my boys Easter messenger bags, coat hooks, a clip on reading lamp and an AWESOME magnetic strip.  I took a few pictures of my sewing area upgrades :D I installed everything myself ;)  My hubby is super handy, but with only one leg, drilling and screwing can be tricky :)

My usual arrangement 
Shelf #1
The AWESOME magnetic strip.  It is SUPER strong!
Shelf #2
3 full, one waiting :)  Books in one, patters in another and rulers/templates in the last.
I am SO excited, I finished up making the selves all by myself :)  It feels really great!  I am linking this AWESOME finish to:
 finish it up Friday on!


  1. Wow, it all looks so great! It sure makes a difference to have things set up well. I am in need of a similar upgrade...

    I had a bummer happen tonight. I finished one table topper, and was sewing the binding on a second one, and my machine seized. Grant and I worked on it for a while and got it going better, but it's still stiff. I think I better get it in for servicing. Sniff... just when I get the quilting bug again.

  2. OH NOOOOOoooooooo! I have had that happen, but it's only been tread stuck around the bobbin casing... DANG it! Creative sewing on center street in Provo has a guy that does repairs on monday... so you could get it back fast :)

  3. I love Ikea. I have two of those magnetic strips in my kitchen here. I have knives and other utensils on them. Text me who you went shopping with. Jealous :D

  4. HOLA MICHELLE :) I went for the weekend with Shanelle. Milton called and asked me what she would like for her birthday. I promptly replied, "She would LOVE to go for the weekend to Park City with me :)" We have dubbed me the "Evil Genius!" Why don't you fly home for the weekend and we can go back!!!

  5. You INSTALL book shelves? Impressive! You can come to my house any time! :))) I just LOVE IKEA! I can spend all my money there and then some! I have a shopping list of about $600 and I'm not even there yet! :) Enjoy Your new setup!

  6. I'm not very good at it, but I knew that if I waited for my hubby to do it, it would never get done :( ....he's very sweet and handy but a little too laid back for my "DO IT NOW" personality ;)

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  8. I love organizing, makes me feel so calm and and peace. Is that weird? Great job on the shelves!

  9. Ooh, thanks for the tip, I have one of those magnetic strips in a drawer somewhere - we never used it in the kitchen in the end, i know where it's going now! :o)


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