Friday, March 9, 2012

Sewing Machine Cozy aka Cover :)

I have needed cover for my sewing machine to take with me to quilting classes.  I finally got brave and made one for myself.  It turned out pretty cute.  My sister, Aly, bought me this fabric in France.  I LOVE it!!!

The Back
The Front
The side with scissors ;)
The side front with scissors and rotary cutter
The side front with scissors, rotary cutter AND ruler ;D
The back with my presser foot thing that I am too tired to remember if that is even what it is called....
ps- I should have left all of my orriginal spelling :)  thank heavend for spelll chelck 
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  1. What a great idea with the pockets! First I couldn't figure out it the middle fabric was for a breathing hole? :) I really like the storage and I need me one of these! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks Kati! I saw a plain version at a quilting group and put myown spin on it ;) I really want to buy a supr cool rolling case but I figured this would be good for a while or at least until my birthday in April ;)

  3. Great idea! My sewing machine doesn't typically "travel" but it lives on my dining room table most of the year... would be nice to have something "pretty" to cover it with when guests come over, since I don't really have another home for it. Did you use a pattern or did you wing it?

  4. thanks Ladies! I just winged it pretty much. I had to undo and redo a few things a few times... but isn't that part of the fun :)

  5. Great! I need one, I have a piece of fabric laying over mine, lol! I love the just wing it method! I use it often.

  6. Awesome! My poor machines could really use covers like this! :)


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