Thursday, March 15, 2012

Purse #2

I just needed to do one more thing today :)  I have been feeling lousy all day long (since I woke up at 5:30am this morning :p)  Sewing is a nice distraction from ill/icky/not-really-sickness.  I did a stipple quilting all over and used TONS of interfacing.  It can stand on it's own.  I like it :)  I put one REALLY large pocket inside along one whole side with 2 sewn divisions, to make 3 pockets.  On the other side (of the inside), I put a large pocket too.  You can never have enough pockets in a purse ;D  ..especially if this ends up being a "church" bag :)  I like it a lot.  I may need to make another for me.... ...yes, this is a gift ;) 
The inside pockets.  The blue is much more deep than it shows in this picture.  I should get a good camera.... and yet, I am pretty happy I have one at all, most days ;)
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  1. Nice bag Marion! Did you use a pattern for it or you just winged it? :) I was just thinking about you today!

  2. I just winged it :) My girls gave me suggestions for modifications. They said more narrow and longer. I thought of TONS of interfacing myself ;) the colors are my sisters favorite, and since it's for her, I thought it would be perfect :) I really need to baste and quilt the zig zag quilt, but I didn't feel like it ;) I suppose that is what tomorrow is for.

  3. This is beautiful! I have the pieces to a bag similar to this one (only in reds - also a gift - also winging it) on my sewing table now. I love your color scheme, I might need to try those for the "me" version that I'll (hopefully) make if the first one turns out well.

    PS -- There's no such thing as roo much interfacing when it comes to a bag ;-)

  4. I agree, a bag can never have too many pockets! lovely bag :)


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