Saturday, August 2, 2014

Metro Hoops Wedding Quilt

I have wanted to make a double wedding ring quilt FOREVER!!!  I even bought the creative grid templates so I'd be ready when the mood struck ;-)

Well, while I was at the Small Town Quilt Show, the Quick Curve Ruler/Sew Kind of Wonderful ladies were there teaching classes. 

I watched with sceptisism as all of the ladies oooed and awed over the ruler and patterns. What could possibly be so cool about that little ruler?

The quilts that the Sew Kind of Wonderful ladies made with the ruler were truly AH-MAZING!! No doubt about that!  But how slick could that ruler truly be?

Finally on the last late night of sewing, I asked Melissa Corry what the big whoop was. What could possibly be so stinkin' cool about the Quick Curve Ruler method?  Melissa set me straight!

She showed me how no pinning was necessary with their method. NO PINNING!!!  What the?!?!  SOLD!!!

Strip piecing???  Stack(ish) and whack(ish) methods for cutting?!?!  SOLD and SOLD again!

I bought the ruler the very next morning!

Now for whom to make a quilt!?  Well, my daughters best friend is getting married today :-). How about her?

I opted to make the Metro Hoops pattern instead of the Metro Rings (double wedding ring). ...I'm saving the Metro Rings for my new grand babies :-)

The brides favorite color is blue and because it is my least favorite color, I didn't have a lot :/.  I called upon my quilty bffs to lend a hand. A few of them sacrificed a 2.5" strip or two from their stash to help me out :-). It made a world of difference to add that extra variety!

For the background, I opted to use a variety of neutrals that I had in my scrap bin :-). I really love how it turned out!

The quilt label came to be as I cannot add correctly :/. I made one too many blocks ;-). Happy mistakes!!

This quilt seriously only took a few days to make. Like three, tops!  It measures 60" x 75".  I used a Twin size sheet for the backing and that same fabric for the binding. 

I gave it to Emily (the bride) yesterday. I can't wait to see the happy couple tonight at their reception!

***UPDATE   look what I spied at the reception in the gift pile ;-)


  1. Ok, so I can wrap my brain around the strip piecing, and stack(ish) and wack(ish) stuff, but no pinning????? I can't wrap my brain around that one.... :)

  2. I also bought the ruler, and I tried to use it, but I haven't quite got the hang of it, but I really like the hang of it. I would of really liked to see you at the quilt show, but I was only there for about an hour with a group from Hyrum. Love your quilt.

  3. Beautiful quilt! I have the ruler and haven't tried it yet, but I love everything I see that is made with it. You've helped to inspire me.

  4. I need to check out that ruler, this quilt is beautiful! Great job on the quilting, too.

  5. That is just stunning...your color choices are perfect!


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