Sunday, November 18, 2012

Aly's Over the Rainbow Pillow Shams

Saturday I was determined to get these shams finished.... but, I didn't feel very well :(

I muscled through the discomfort and got them done :)

These are made to fit a 24" euro pillow form.

I quilted each color in a different fmq pattern.

The green is daisy :)

The red is in a pebble pattern.

The orange is in a swirl.

I actually finished the orange one last week... or the week before ;D

For the backs, I made my first concealed zipper closure :)  I made up the instillation process and it worked out pretty well :)

I wanted to get this posted last night, but as it turned out I was REALLY sick by the time I finished these :(  Stomach flu :p  I am on a self quarantine for a few days.  I feel much better today but according to the Mayo Clinic, I could be contagious for up to two weeks :(  I figure I won't do any food prep for the family for a while and that should stop the spread.

Wish me luck :)

I plan to mail these off to my sister tomorrow.  Won't they look AWESOME on her bed?

Linking up with Amanda Jean over at Crazy Mom Quilts :)


  1. Oh darn, so you can't cook for two weeks... I guess you'll just have to spend that time sewing instead! Bummer.... Hope you feel better soon. : )

    Oh, and I love the pillow shams! What an gorgeous bed ensemble!!!

  2. Beautiful pillows!
    I wish you fast recovery

  3. What a lucky sister you have, she has you. I love the quilt and the pillows you have make.

  4. Great cushion covers. I love all the quilting. Better rest now and get well.


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