Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Aly's Shams

Aly commissioned Euro shams to match her AWESOME new quilt :)

I had a few blocks left over from making the quilt.  (This was actually part of the plan so I could make shams.)  Aly decided that she wanted each sham to be a different color.

Isn't chain piecing fun... even on a LARGE scale?

These bad boys are about 32" square right now.  They will end up being 30" square when they are all finished and put together.

Aly has requested a zipper back.  It will be my first attempt and I am REALLY excited about it :)

They are HUGE!

Now I need to quilt the tops of the shams.  What motif shall I do?  I was going to copy the quilt, but I think I may do each sham differently.  Who knows ;D

Monday I was able to get the shams all ready for quilting.  Here they are all basted and looking cute in a pile :)

Monday night, I was able to get two of the shams quilted :)



What ever shall I do for the orange one's fmq???

 I can't wait to get these finished.  They are going to be pretty cool.  I am seriously jealous of my sisters snazzy new bedroom dressings :)

Ps- Tuesday morning I went and ACTUALLY measured the quilted sham tops and they are a generous 34".  Apparently, my estimations were a bit conservative!

PPS-  HAPPY ELECTION DAY!!  Get out and vote! :)  We are so blessed to be able to participate in such an important event that not only will shape our nation, but quite literally the world as well :)


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