Monday, November 18, 2013

Temple Bag (aka HUGE messenger bag) Quilt Along

...or is it an assemble-a-long?

A few weeks ago, I made the cutest Temple bag for my daughter Ashley.  Some of you may be asking yourself, "What on earth is a Temple bag?"  Well, in my church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (aka "The Mormons"), when we are adults we attend our temples for sacred worship.

This is the artist rendering of the temple they are building in my town :)
While we are in the temple we wear special/sacred clothing.  We use small suit cases or other bags to carry this clothing to and from the temple.  Since my daughter was going to be going to the temple for the first time, I thought she needed a SUPER awesome [super cute] brand new temple bag :)

My Mom's Christmas present :)
I have had quite a few requests for the pattern, so I have decided to do a quilt-a-long :)

This is a VERY roomy bag and would work well for all kinds of things, not just for Mormon stuff ;)

Here is the schedule of events: (the link will not work until the date of the post)
Fabric Requirements - November 25, 2013
Cutting Instructions - December 2, 2013
Making the Outer Bag- December 9, 2013
Making the Messenger Flap - December 16, 2013
Making the Interior Lining - December 23, 2013
The Zippered Pockets- December 30, 2013
Adding the BIG Pockets - January 6, 2014
Making the Straps- January 13, 2014
Bag Assembly - January 20, 2014
Diaper Bag Modifications - January 27, 2014

So, WHO'S IN????   Leave me a comment and let me know who is joining in on this AWESOME adventure.'s my first QAL, so be gentle ;D

On Instagram use #MQDtemplebagQAL and #MyQuiltDiet :)

**** As a special side note, if you live anywhere close to Payson, Utah, we will be doing this project together on the last Thursday of January.  Please message me if you would like information about coming to sew with us :)  No creepy murderers, please ;D

***One of my quilty BFF's is an Embroidery Guru!  She has templates for many of the LDS temples :)  She will embroider an LDS temple for your bag, if you'd like :)  It is $5 if she already has the template, and $10 if she needs to order it.  Please leave me a comment, if you are interested.  Be sure that you are not a "no reply blogger" or I cannot get your info to her :(  If you are not sure if you are a "no reply blogger" please include your email in your comment.  One hint that you might be a "no reply blogger" is if I never reply to your comments :(:::.....


  1. Yes please. I love your bags. Maybe this time I will insert the zips.
    I made your Herringbone Haul it all Tote. Here is the link if you would like to see my version.

  2. I sure would like to give this a try

  3. I think I will try to work it in with all my other things I have got going. Hopefully I can keep up. It is a darling bag.

  4. Let's do this thing! :-) that would be very awesome. I entrust your daughter enjoyed her temple day, made all the more special carrying that bag of love.

  5. I am so in!! I love the bag and I've always wanted a cute temple bag. The last day of the QAL is on the third anniversary of the sealing of my family! (me, my husband, and my daughters.) I'm scared of making a bag though!

  6. Count me in—I love this bag! Gorgeous picture of the new temple too. You must be so excited to have one coming your way!

  7. I want to join in! This will be my first QAL. The church is in the process of obtaining permits & such to build a new temple in Meridian (close to Boise). The artist's renderings are beautiful! If I make it to Payson next summer (for my family genealogy), I'd love to meet you! Jani

  8. I am a long way from you but I will be joining in. I have made a messenger bag but it was not wonderful so this will be a boon.

  9. I'd love to join in and overcome my reluctance to tackle a project like this. I'm also a long way away :)

  10. Dear Marion, I was out blog hopping, looking for quilting blogs to inspire my new passion. I am a new -bee to quilting and have just finished (last night) my first quilt. A Christmas present for my oldest granddaughter. Your quilts are beautiful and you are a true inspiration.
    I am your newest follower, Connie :)

  11. I would love to join in on the quilt-a-long. It's my very first one!! Also, I do live pretty close to Payson and would be interested in sewing together!

  12. Am I too late? I'd like to quilt along its beautiful.

  13. I'm making myself a super awesome cute temple bag, but with a different pattern. Still, LOVE what you've done. I might need to make some as gifts. . . .

    And we're getting a new big one here in Meridian. I do like the rendering of the Payson temple. So beautiful!

  14. It's a lovely bag!

  15. I'm in! I would love to make that bag - it's really cute! Thanks! :)

  16. I was just looking at the construction schedule and did a double take on the last one. Thank you for the diaper bag instructions.

  17. Who'd a thunk it? I just finished my third one. I made it with my friend Janice, who visited from Idaho. She made her first and is planning her second for her daughter. I have 3 more started, one for my visiting teacher, one for my granddaughter in law, and one for me. I also am working on a smaller one for my 5 year old great granddaughter. I'm hoping it will be overnighter size for her. I'm doing the exterior 12" by 25". I'm planning on 4 pockets for hers, maybe 1 zippered pocket. I'm also thinking of zippers on the tops. Thank you again for the pattern, and for the quilt along.

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