Monday, December 16, 2013

Temple Bag QAL Messenger Bag Flap

Are you ready????  Let's get our "flap" on!

Using the fat quarter (18"x22") that will be the back side of the flap, and a piece of batting just a titch smaller, you will make your quilt sandwich.  I recommend using basting spray to stick them together :)

You will notice that on the batting side of my quilt sandwich, I have drawn a 12"x15" square.  This is to help me make my center flap design, well, in the center of the flap :) (the part you can see on the front of the bag)

Please make sure there is room around the edge so you will be able to trim your flap.

I used a white on white polka dot for my backing fabric.

Here comes the fun part :)  You can either use whole cloth, in which case, just add fabric to the top of your quilt sandwich and quilt as desired.  Then head on down to the trimming and binding directions.

For quilt as you go, please head back to my last post HERE for instructions.

For my mom's bag, I decided to fussy cut this cute rose for the center motif.  Then I did an impromptu log cabin with selvages.  I centered my rose in my 12"x15" square and then sewed a selvedge to one side. and went around and around, one selvedge at a time, ending with the large pieces :)

Trim your finished panel to 15" wide by 18" long.

Now for the binding :)  I chose to sew my binding on the back and then machine stitch it down on the front for stability.

I said in the cutting instructions to cut the binding 2-1/4" wide.  I lied :(  I prefer to cut it to 2" wide.  This makes it so your seams need to be very scant and precise.  If you feel more comfortable, stick with 2-1/4" or even 2-1/2" wide.  It doesn't really matter :)  It is just a visual preference.

The basic jist here is to attach your binding to three of the sides (two long and one short), leaving one of the short sides without binding.  The unbound side will be the one that is attached to the back of the main bag.

Dont cut off the left over binding... leave about an 1" ish.  If you have already trimmed it, no worries, we can make it work ;D

***One of my quilty BFF's is an Embroidery Guru!  She has templates for many of the LDS temples :)  She will embroider an LDS temple for your bag, if you'd like :)  It is $5 if she already has the template, and $10 if she needs to order it.  Please leave me a comment, if you are interested.  Be sure that you are not a "no reply blogger" or I cannot get your info to her :(  If you are not sure if you are a "no reply blogger" please include your email in your comment.  One hint that you might be a "no reply blogger" is if I never reply to your comments :(:::.....

On Instagram use #MQDtemplebagQAL and #MyQuiltDiet to share your progress:)

Check the schedule for the QAL HERE.  Visit all post's tagged Temple Bag Qal HERE

**** As a special side note, if you live anywhere close to Payson, Utah, we will be doing this project together on the last Thursday of January.  Please message me if you would like information about coming to sew with us :)  No creepy murderers, please ;D

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