Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Going Back in Time

Do you remember those tricot quilts from the 70's and 80's?  There always seemed to be one on frames in the gym at my church the whole time I was growing up.

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Well, my sister in law had one that her mother made for her with the Oakland LDS Temple quilted onto it.  Her children LOVE it and wanted their own.  Kylee, not knowing how on earth to get them one, was about to cut hers up to make smaller ones for her kids.  Fortunately, she spoke to me, and we worked out a plan.

You see, Kylee's mother died a few years ago, after a 17 year battle with breast cancer.  I could not bare for her to do anything to that special quilt her mother made for her.

For Christmas, she hired me to make one for each of her four children.

A light pink one for her daughter.

I chose to do flower fmq for my sweet niece.

This one looks turquoise, but it is really very dark navy.  Go figure.

This is for her youngest son.

I decided to try to make a large monogram on the second one.

I added their birthday and name in the quilting.

The next one is actually the color that you see, turquoise ;D

I went for a pixelated fmq.

I learned after the first one, that you have to use a TON of basting spray or this quilting is a nightmare.

I also pinned around the edges very well.

Kylee is going to bind them with a wide satin binding.

I have one more to do tonight :) ...and here it is...


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  1. Interesting, good to know that its still around, these are lovely!


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