Friday, August 8, 2014

Round Robin Medallion Update

I am so excited about this quilt! 

 I absolutely love it!!!

To help me with quilting design inspiration, I hung the top in my front room window so I could stare at it for a few days :-)

It was so much fun to look at it :-)

For the backing I HAD to buy this Matroyska doll fabric. It's perfect!

I also decided to embroider the names of all of the Round Robin ladies in the centers of the friendship stars that Ella added. 

My embroidery is not very good :(

But nobody is perfect :-)

I chose to use white because [my embroidery skills are so lacking and because] I like the subtly. 

Each lady in the group is special to me. 

I will always cherish this experience and all that I learned from it!

Can you read the names?

Don't feel bad if you can't. 

I have a hard time too!


I am so sad that Maggie is far away and couldn't be here for the reveal. :(

So now for the exciting part!  I layed the quilt on the floor, getting ready to baste when I decided that the slight ripple in the top could be ironed out. 

I pressed with best press for an hour and when I laid it back on the floor it had a GIANT pucker!  I mean HUGE!!!!

Due to this problem, I had to do some [major] surgery on the quilt.  After a border removal and a giant tuck all of the way around the center, it behaved and laid down flat and square!  I reattached the border that I had removed and basted the quilt :-)

Now those pesky quilting ancestors insist that I hand quilt this quilt!

I told them to shove it!

The quilting ancestors are still harassing me so I am going to add hand quilting too after a bit of fmq. 

I can't wait to finish this next week :-). The hubbs and I are I are off to celebrate our 24th wedding anniversary with a weekend getaway :-). I am so excited!!!


  1. I had to shake my head at the quilt. I is so beautiful with all the colors. Your round robin laidies did and wonderful job, and if you are FMQ on a home machine is evey more great. Let the quilting ancestors mind there business. You are doing a great job. Happy Anniversary.

  2. I love the pic of the quilt in front of the window. I think I would have kept it there. Love the fact that you've embroidered the makers' names on the front, so much better than a written note on the reverse. xx

  3. I love your quilt! In front of the window, it's amazing! Have very nice week-end!

  4. Lovely! Happy Anniversary! :)

  5. Beautiful! But in the window with light coming through...breathtaking! Wow! I wish j had quilting ancestors!

  6. Awwwwww. I just saw this!! I love this idea (adding the names) and will have to do it on mine too!!


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