Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Are you a No-Reply Blogger??

Unfortunately, most of the amazing people who leave comments on my blog are "no-reply blogger" :(  I still can see your comments, but I am unable to reply to them via email.  This makes me so sad, as I really love to reply back to each of your wonderful comments.

You may not know if you are or not a "no-reply blogger".  One way to tell is that if you leave comments for me on my blog and I never reply to you :(  ...which makes me so very sad :(::::.....

If you are wondering if you are a no reply blogger, leave a comment here. If I don't reply back to you within a day, you are a no reply blogger ;-)

(....and some times I think that blogger likes to turn us into "no-reply bloggers" randomly for fun :\)

Here is a link to a blog with a great tutorial for fixing the problem ;)



  1. You can reply to me via iM if I'm a "no reply blogger." I don't even know how that would happen...

    I'll read the tutorial to find out how it happened if I am, indeed, a NRB. Haha

  2. Hehehe good blog no I am not replay blogger

  3. I enjoy your blog. I am trying to work my way thru a mountain of scraps. You are good inspiration.

  4. Love, love, love the fun dip blocks. Can't wait to see the finished quilt!


Thanks for leaving your thoughts! I LOVE to hear from you :) I cherish every word :) I read ALL of your comments and try to reply to every single one.... but it sometimes takes me a few days xoxo
***If I don't get back to you, it is likely that you are a "No Reply Blogger" :( ***