Thursday, February 13, 2014

Cleaning, Shmeaning!

At some point it just has to be done!
Just to the left of my sewing table is a LARGE built in cupboard. I made a command decision and took it over. We used the built in for our DVDs and VHS videos. Last week I bought a book shelf for their new home :) (we actually need a few more shelves for it all to fit nicely)

I couldn't wait any longer, so now the other side of the family room is a wreck ;)

Here are some shots of my progress. 

The shelves, free of the media and starting to be filled with my treasures. 

That last pile of stuff that just won't go away :/

Presto!  It's gone ;)


My German smoker sewist that my mother in law brought me back from Germany. 

Now to fix the sewing table. 

Done :)

I even found this vinyl sticker for my car, under a pile of fabric :D

I'm so happy!  Now I can mess it up again!


  1. Looking good! :) Love your vinyl sticker. :)

  2. Good job! I need to clean mine too. Love the vinyl. =)

  3. Looking good! Coming back from Quilt Bliss has totally rekindled my Sew-Jo and makes me want to settle into my still barely used sewing room in our new house. So great to see you in Utah!

  4. Hi Marion - this has absolutely nothing to do with sewing, but I didn't know any other way to contact you! I've been working on my genealogy again, and ran across the name Earl McClellan - he bought the 'old Nebeker school house' in Payson around the early 1900's. I was wondering if by chance he was a relative of yours. The Nebeker school house was built by my 3rd great grandpa. Sorry if I'm imposing, but I was just curious! I have been to Payson and did the walking tour and saw the house.


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