Monday, December 8, 2014

Customer Quilts

I have two more tops ready to be quilted for a customer order :-)

(Because of the crazy grandbaby business, I am sending them out to be quilted)

These are made from Karen's shirts. Karen is my friends mother who passed away a few years ago from Multiple Meyaloma. 

I have already made a quilt for Karen's husband and one for her son. 

These two are for her daughters and one more is nearly complete for her other daughter, Chrisann, who is my good friend. 

I just love the sweet sentiment behind each one. 

The tops measure 54x72


  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous Marion! :))) you did a wonderful jo, I love that pattern!

  2. My Daddy died of multiple myeloma. It is a hard death :'( How nice of you to make memory quilts. I still have my Daddy's shirts and I hope someday to make quilts for my family members from them.


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