Friday, March 20, 2015

Secret Book of Maps Tutorial

Ah, at last!  The tutorial I have promised has FINALLY come to fruition!

So, forever and a day ago, my sweet friend April made me a "Maps" book.
When ever I made a quilt, I needed a "map" to make it.

Now, for all of my friends birthdays, I make them one too.  
Here is how you do it!

You will need:
fabric 22" x 10.5"
heavy fusible interfacing (I use Pellon 809 decorbond) 22" x 10.5"

Fuse interfacing to the wrong side of your fabric.

Fold over the ends, about a half inch, press and top stitch.

Fold your fabric in half, wrong side out.  Place it over the actual notebook you are going to cover.

Fold the ends in over the notebook flaps.  Make sure it is snug.

Pin the folds in place.  Do this for both sides.

Sew a generous 1/4" seam (or a VERY scant 3/8') all the way 
across the top and bottom.
Clip the corners as shown above.

Notice how the stitch line goes all the way across the top (and bottom) of your cover, as seen above.  This creates a scoring line so you can fold it down nicely.

(it isn't shown here, but you will then stitch the fold down along the top and bottom to hold that fold down nicely.

Ta- da!  Now you are finished :) 

Don't forget to add a label :)

I most often use fat quarters to make these.

I use my smaller left over strips to make fun designs.

Monograms are fun too!

My boys decided they all wanted one too!

Even their friends!

They all wanted the "Ninja Star" fabric.

And some cool flames!

And my youngest son suggested a pencil holder.  
I think I will add them from now on!

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  1. And now the secret is out :))) my book is famous! :) Thank you for the great tutorial, Marion, now I can make my own! Whoop whoop! :))


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