Friday, May 15, 2015

Modern Quilt Guild Riley Blake Fabric Challenge Quilt

So, I kind of when bonkers taking pictures of this quilt.


I was staying up at my brothers cabin at Sundance while I made this quilt.

(a close up before quilting)

I also got tossed by a fickle rock and crashed :( ...but saved the camera and quilt.

But back to the quilt.  I decided I wanted to try a Storm and Sea foundation pieced pattern.

The grey and aqua were such fun colors to use in this pattern.

I had a really fun time with the quilting.

Lots of match stick quilting.

The collection was "The Quilted Garden" by The Quilted Fish

The little birds were my favorite!

Here are some more of the super fun pictures.

Do you like the ice in the waterfalls??


  1. Yes, I love the waterfalls and how can I get there? The blue and grey is very pretty and I reallyl like the birds, too.

  2. I looked at this and liked it, clicked off the page and thought I should really comment. Such a lovely quilt and a nice photographic shoot. There is just as much fun in taking the final photos as there is in making the quilt..don't you agree. Lovely!

  3. Beautiful and what a cool photoshoot!


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