Monday, June 22, 2015

#BFTPqal Week 25

Welcome to week 25 of The Blocks From the Past Quilt Along!

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This week we are Staying right HERE for pages 56, 86, & 93!

*** Basic tip-  USE VERY SCANT 1/4" seam allowances and trim up your pieced components of each block.

First up, Hope of Hartford page 56.

I followed the instructions in the book.

Be sure to square these up in this direction, as shown, trimming the larger solid triangle.

Next up, Acorns and Oak Leaves on page 86.

It's time to get your applique on!

I started out using a template needle turn applique method, but soon gave up and went with the template free back basting needle turn applique method that I love :)
HERE is an awesome tutorial of the method from Tropical Applique.  HERE is another super slick tutorial by Applique Addict.

You can see my back basting stitches in the photo above on the bottom right leaf.

Now to add the nuts.  I used template needle turn for this.

...but low and behold, my nuts were in the wrong place :(

That's better!

The center piece was a bit weird.  Because I enlarged this block to 12", I had to make up my own center piece template.  That did't work, so I just drew some lines on the fabric and basted it in place.

Finally the little nut husk cap things and FINITO!

I have a love hate thing going with this block.  Mostly hate. :/

Last up, Mariner's Compass on page 93.

***I made my background really big so I wouldn't have to applique the center to a large block.***
I made sure that  my papers were cut big enough to help me make sure the back ground would be big enough to make the 6" finished square.

You will need to make four copies of the template.  I like the Ikea art easel paper.  Some people like velum or tissue paper.  I was lazy and used the regular copy paper in my printer :)

I precut my fabric for ease of piecing.  I find cutting a large rectangle in half works great for paper piecing.

The book has good instructions on how to foundation piece.

You can find a BAZILLION  tutorials HERE.

I took pictures all of the way through to give you some visuals :)

(see how my grey covers the whole piece of paper)

When you piece your quadrants, you will need to make sure that the circles line up on the back.

Lastly, add an applique center :)

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