Monday, July 13, 2015


Welcome to week 28 of The Blocks From the Past Quilt Along!

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I am SO happy to say that I have completed my #BFTPqal quilt!

Truthfully, I wasn't sure that I would be able to do it!

In actuality, I didn't really :(

I had planned on completing all 72 of the blocks, but pretty quickly I remembered how much I HATE (yes, hate) sampler quilts!

I love the way they looks, but I have no attention span for it.

I find it REALLY frustrating to figure out a block and then not be able to use all that I learned from the first block to make more.

All of my quilting friends have been laughing at me whine over making this quilt and teasing me that it was MY idea in the first place!  Live and learn!

I decided to abandon my notions of making all of the blocks and just put it together as is.  28 blocks.  Four of the blocks Barbie Mills made for me :)

Konda, Emily, Emily and Barbie helped me to lay out the blocks that I had completed and cheered me on through out the day as I finished the top.

I even did all of the quilting myself on my new longarm :)

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