Monday, February 1, 2016

QuiltCon Charity Quilt

Our guild, The Nebo Modern Quilt Guild, decided to participate in the
2016 QuiltCon West Charity quilt exhibit.

The Modern Quilt Guild chose a color pallet and a theme, "Improv with a Purpose."

It also needed to be twin size. {HUGE!!}

  Our guild decided on a mountain theme, as we live at the base of Mount Nebo.
{Mt. Nebo is the highest peak in the Wasatch Mountain Range, nearly 12,000 feet}

We made improv trees and improv stars.
{SO so much fun!!}

We ended up making a GIANT paper foundation pattern for the mountains.

I did the quilting with Superior Metallic silver thread.

Oh!  My! Gosh!!!  It was SO much fun!!!

I quilted a lake and a stream :)

I threw some flowers in with the snow drifts.

The trees were so fun to quilt.

Our little house was the last edition to the quilt.

We were short about a 6" square piece of grey to finish the quilt,
so we appliqued a house on the quilt and cut the grey we needed out from behind it ;D

Every part of this quilt was SO much fun!!!

After I was finished with the quilt, Shannon White added a black and white stripe bias binding!

The quilt is now on it's way to Pasadena to be displayed at QuiltCon West.

Boy, some times things just turn out just the way you hope they would!

Once QuiltCon is over, the quilt will be returned to us to donate to a charity of our choice.

We have decided to donate this quilt to Primary Children's Festival of Trees 
charity event this coming December.

This quilt will be very happy to go and live with a special family.

It was so fun to be part of such a special project!

Now for some shots of the backside!

{The backside is the best!}

Did you catch on that I was going for a "Stary Night " feel with the quilting around the stars?

{I love my job!}

{HEY!!! Send me your tops to quilt!!  I love my job and would love to quilt for you!}

{Isn't the binding WONDERFUL!?!}

Here is the picture of the guild members who worked on the project.

Back Row- Konda Luckau, Emily Carr, Me, Nancy Hanson, Sonia Bartholomew
Front Row- Kira Carter, Natalie Smith, Katie Gardner


  1. Loved the star quilting on the top... Just made me want to whooosssh among the stars.
    And then the follow thru of hard lines for the mountains and the soft lines of snow and slow flowing on the water. Just so much fun over all.

  2. Totally love this! I'm working on my first improve quilt with trees and stars too and it is tons of fun. Love the way you have quilted yours.

  3. The quilt is fabulous and your quilting really brings it all together beautifully! Great finish!

  4. It's absolutely spectacular! I love this quilt and your machine work is fantastic.


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