Tuesday, February 14, 2017

My First Valentines Quilt

I don't make holiday quilts 😬. It's just not my thang. 


Well, our guild is hosting an Illusion Quilt Challenge. I have been searching for an illusion quilt I would like to make. 

Of course my first and forever choice would be Geta Grama's Flower Ball quilt. 

(This picture is from Geta's blog post about the making of this amazing quilt. http://www.getasquiltingstudio.com/2013/04/about-friendship.html)

The first time I saw this quilt I fell straight way in love with it. SO AMAZING!!

...but, there is no time for such a complicated design.  While I was surfing Geta's etsy shop, I discovered that she has many optical illusion patterns. I found the perfect one!! ❤️❤️❤️


It is perfect!! (I think I mentioned that 😘)  I was going to just make one heart, but of course, I couldn't stop with just one! Right?


Here is a blow by blow photo essay. 


The pattern was quite different from any I have made before. 


It required surgical skills 😘


But wow, did I enjoy the results!


Fortunately I made this while I was away at a quilt retreat, so my friends could arrange the blocks for me 😍😍

They are so good at that sort of thing!

When I got home, I added a three inch white border. It really needed it πŸ˜‰ 


I had one plan for the quilting in mind, but the quilt required a totally different plan, as some quilts do πŸ€“. Quilts can be so very bossy sometimes. 


I had so much fun with the feathers and crosshatch quilting. 

I love the contrast of these two quilting motifs. 


For the binding, I had no choice, really. What else, but black and white bias gingham binding??

The gingham is from my 1970 gingham stash from someone's grandmas attic. πŸ€“. Seriously.   😎


One of my daughters stopped by and mentioned that the hearts reminded her of the lifesaver creamsavers πŸ˜€, so that is what I named my quilt.  

(Does lifesaver still make those?)


The hearts are the 14" size that comes in the pattern. 


I love how the quilting looks from the backside. 😍😍😍 

Happy Valentine's Day!!  

Y'all come back and see us again real soon!


  1. Amazing!! And brave. I laughed when you mentioned it took surgeons skills. =D I can believe it!!

  2. do you have to stitch all the edges? Beautiful work :)

  3. This is fabulous! Thanks for sharing

  4. That is amazing! What a great pattern - looks like such a lot of stitching. And your lovely quilting really finishes it off so nicely.


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