Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I Know What I am Going To-Do Today!!!

Quilt Show Madness is upon us here in Payson!  It's the 11th Annual Peteetneet Quilt Show!  Come on down and see all of the AWESOME quilts!  Talent abounds in Payson :)

There are super fun classes and demos this Friday and Saturday.  Come on down for a good time ;D

WIP's -in some form of progress...
"Letters to my Daughter" block of the month (10 finished out of 25)
Kate's skirts
Anna & mikes pillows/qbx bee blocks for June 9 kits for 9 patch blocks have been delivered to the ladies ;)
Annette's medallion border
my medallion center DONE (again)!!  Revamped ;)  I didn't like the white background so Emily helped me to find a new BETTER way COOLER background :)  Of course it is from Emily's new [brilliant] collection, Technicolor!!!

knitting baby blanket
Ashley's skirt
Voile skirt for me
Operations Sunshine quilts for Myra
Skirt for Anna HORRIBLE  lavender satin with a lavender organza overlay.  This skirt gave me FITS :/
Labels for all of my quilt show quilts Done :)
Father's Day quilt Not so much, but I did make these...

COOL aprons! (The logo is the cover of my Dad's new cookbook.  You can buy it HERE.)

Half Honeycomb Haul-It-All  Blogged HERE

Back Burner Purgatory... lol!!! ;) (I've got the materials for these, but no chop chop yet)
2 Twin Size applique quilts for my nieces

Will be linking up with Amanda Jean over at Crazy Mom QuiltsQuilt Story  and Lee over at Freshly Pieced.


  1. As usual, you are busy and inspiring us all to get ourselves going on our projects. I laughed at some of your descriptions, and think your bag is darling--way to go. And good luck to your dad on his cookbook!

    Elizabeth E.

  2. I love the Dresden plate babushkas - so cute! Very clever cutting and matching, it makes it look like little dolls coming out of the bigger ones, just like in real life!


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