Friday, September 13, 2013

A VERY Special Baby Blanket

Twenty four years ago Janene's (a dear family friend) sister Karen was killed in a car accident.  She had all of her children with her, the youngest was 9 months old.  All of her children survived, although one was very seriously injured.

I was in college at the time in Utah.  The seriously injured child was flown to Primary Children's Hospital in Salt Lake City and treated there for many months.  The rest of her family was sent back home to California to recover.  Because she was here, I spent time with her so she wouldn't be alone.

Before Karen died, she had been working on quilts for her two youngest children.

She cross stitched beautiful blocks and finished one of the quilts. ...this red one.

After Karen's death, Janene took the finished quilt and the parts of the unfinished one and kept them to finish at some point.

This past summer, Janene brought me the finished quilt and the unfinished quilt and asked me to finish it for Karen's youngest two children, who now have children of their own.

She requested that I finish the second quilt just like the one Karen had finished.

Her cross stitching is BEAUTIFUL and perfect!

Karen had already drawn out a layout for the blocks.

I added the green back ground.

Karen had already bought the fabric, ribbon and lace.

It was like stepping back in time to work on this quilt.

She had purchased satin ribbon to tie the quilt with.
(I have blisters from tying the quilt :)

I love this sweet teddy bear dressed up as a bunny :)

This quilt is so sweet :)

I am so honored to have been asked to work on this special project.


  1. What a wonderful quilt. It never ceases to amaze me how women's handiworks can bind the threads of time and touch hearts through generations. What a tragedy to have lost their mother. But, how wonderful that threads worked by her own hands can now live in the hearts of her children after she's passed away. =)


  2. Yes, very moving, I can feel the honour in what you've done for your friend and her family.

  3. That is priceless. The adult children will be so honored to get them.

  4. Marion, Your so awesome and sweet!! xoxo

  5. That's an amazing job you did, what an honour to not only be asked but be the person who understands the emotion behind them.


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