Monday, July 21, 2014

Quilting for Customers

My mother in law sent me these five tops to quilt for her. 

I have told her repeatedly that she doesn't have to pay me!

She won't listen! ;-)

I spend the day having fun with each quilt. 

I'll be happy to hand them over to her this weekend while they are in town. 

I played with different sized loop de loops on two of the quilts. I have a hard time making my brain do it!

This last quilt was made my by sister in law ( I think). 

The colors are ao fun!  Soft greens and purples with a bit of teal. (Not easy to see in these pictures) 

I decided on orange peel for the squares and loops and feathers for the borders. 

I'm super happy to have these off my to do list :-)


  1. Nice quilting! Isn't it lovely to have quilty family : )

  2. Love your quilting. I wish some of my relatives were quilters but no one is! My dad was a tailor but he's been retired for years.


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