Friday, July 25, 2014

Rustique Temple Bag

My oldest daughter and her husband are going to the temple tomorrow. I thought it would be most fitting to make her a temple bag for the special occation. *more info about "the temple" at the bottom :-)*

Anna loved the deer and the hexagon print.  I used all of the selvages in the fat quarter bundle to make a hezy style log cabin for the front flap of the messenger bag.

Anna loves blue, so I used it for the binding and the straps.

(Anna chose Emily Herricks new collection Rustique.  I have been dying to use it!)

I followed my tutorial/QAL for the pattern, of course!  blogged HERE.

There is so much variety in this colleciton that the bag is just HAPPY happy HaPPy!

The zippered pockets just make things so perky!

For the lable, I use another hezagon.

I used a quilt as you go method for the main body piecing and for the flap.

I can't wait to give it to her tomorrow!

Some of you may be asking yourself, "What on earth is a Temple bag?"  Well, in my church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (aka "The Mormons"), when we are adults we attend our temples for sacred worship. While we are in the temple we wear special/sacred clothing.  We use small suit cases or other bags to carry this clothing to and from the temple.

Some of you may remember that Mike and Anna were married a year and a half ago by our Bishop in our church building.  Mormons believe that in order for our marriages to last beyond this life they must be solomized in on of our temples.  Read more HERE.  Anna and Mike are going to the temple tomorrow to recieve that ordinace.  We are VERY excited!


  1. Wonderful! Yahoo for them! And I love the bag! :)

  2. Gorgeous bag!
    Thank you for explaining what a temple bag is, I was wondering!
    Congratulations to your daughter and her husband. May their marraige be filled with joy and happiness.

  3. Hey, what happened to the comment I tried to post? What I said was... Congrats to all of you! What a great day for your entire family. AND... if you ever want to hold my hand through making one of those bags, I would love that! It looks so intimidating...

  4. I have made a lot of bags/purses and appreciate them, and yours is beautiful. Your arrangement and placement of the fabrics is very nice. Great job!

  5. I work with marriage preparation for a different church, but believe that community respect for marriage makes the commitment easier for the people sharing it because they feel that the community supports them. Your gift is amazing.


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