Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Small Town Quilt Show

Early this past Thursday morning, Emily and I packed up and headed out and on our way up to Midway and The Zermatt Resort for the Small Town Quilt Show. ...after a stop at Sonic...at 8:30am...

It was a BLAST! 

We were asked to post selfies to Instagram under the sign. 

I had trouble figuring it out ;-)

Kira was cute no matter what!

There was a wonderful quilt show. 

I loved this version of a red and white quilt. I am getting all sorts of ideas for a red and white block swap!

...and a vendor area so we could drool over new products and fabric and gadgets!

The open sew area was my favorite!  I hung out there 15 hours a day! ;-)

Here is some of us late night sewists Thursday (late) night :-D

We had a blast watching Shannon try to get the sign in her selfie :-)

It was so cute!

Maybe the chair will help??

We even got a little punchy and slap happy! (Big surprise there!)

Friday morning started with a series of bum shots. 


Of course we went shopping!  Midway has some seriously cute eclectic boutiques and antique stores. 

I really like this turtle!

I ended up with this HUGE bowl!  I LOVE it!!!

Sewing wise I worked on my Terra Australis orange peel quilt. 

All of the blocks are sewn!

I just need to get them all together now :-)

Saturday afternoon I was safely delivered home to my family!  I missed them! (But I sure did have a BLAST!!!)

Thank you to all of the AMAZING women who organized this truly terrific event!  I will be there next year for sure!!!

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  1. I was there on Thursday with the Seniors from Hyrum, but we were only there for an hour and I really wanted to see the celebrities, but they wouldn't even let us go to the trunk show. Wish I could of spent the 3 days with you sewing.


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