Thursday, November 6, 2014

Baby Bennett's Diaper Bag

Here is the diaper bag for baby Bennetts mom :-)

This was made with a conglomeration of a few collections by Joes Dewberry. 

It has a back zippered pocket for extra security. 

The inside is loaded with pockets for all kinds of baby stuff. 

I love the colors that my daughter chose. So fun and vibrant. 

My favorite is the changing pad tucked away in the flap pocket. 

Here is a shot of the bag all opened up :-)

I can't wait to fill up the bag and haul my sweet grand babies around ;-)


  1. The bag looks great and I need to make one. My daughter is having my third grandchild and this time it is a girl.

  2. Very cool diaper bag! The pockets inside and out will come in handy!

  3. Great diaper bag! Lots of great pockets! I deliberated long and hard about making one for myself, but opted to take the easy road and order one on-line in favour of finishing the babies' quilts!

  4. Great bag! I need to make one of these for a shower gift ASAP!!

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  6. So, I go awol for a few weeks and I come back and you have made a bazillion things! Am I surprised??? No!!! You are amazing! They are all beautiful! I'm so happy for you Grandma! :)

  7. These bags are so awesome. What pattern did you use?


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