Thursday, November 6, 2014

Baby Olivia's Diaper Bag

This is the very last sewing project for the sweet grand babies that will be here in a few short weeks :-)

I made each of my daughters a diaper bag out of an old pattern that my dear friend has. She made me one just like this for my 5th child. I LOVED it!

There is tons of room for everything a mamma needs :-)

I did add a zippered pocket for the mama stuff that needs to be a little more secure ;-)

Hidden in a large pocket on the inside of the flap is a changing pad for diaper emergencies anywhere ;-)

I can't wait to give this to my daughter on Saturday :-)

There is even an "M" on the front for fun :-)

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  1. Look out world the babies are coming. New generations to take of the quilting world girl or boy. I am also having a new grandchild no. 3 and luck for me it will be a girl, YA!!!. Not due until Feb. so I hope to have some things finish by then.


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