Thursday, January 23, 2014

Aly's Birthday Purse

My baby sister had a birthday and NEEDED a new bag :)

She likes bright primary colors.

This colorway of Notting Hill is PERFECT!!!

I NEED a bag like this one :)

Super fun!

Super Cheerful!

Perfect for Portland, Oregon!

I am loving the flap with a snap ;D


  1. It purse looks great. I love the use of Joel Dewberry's fabrics.

  2. Great bag!
    I love Notting Hill!!

  3. Umm, my birthday was 2 weeks ago, can I have one just like this? :)))) Lovely bag, lucky sister! xo

  4. Can I be your sister. My birthday is in May.

  5. Your birthday present is great! It's fun to have a baby sister, you can make bags for, isn't it?!

  6. Really nice on the outside and inside as well.

  7. AH -Mazing blog thanks for share


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