Monday, January 6, 2014

Auto Post and Influenza

Hi Quilters :)
All of my posts ate set up for the Qal to automatically post. ...but each future post isn't finished.  I go into blogger a few days before the post date and get it all ready.  Well, ever since last Monday, I have been flat in bed, sick with the flu :(
....we also don't have a working laptop and the family computer has been rendered virtually useless by Minecraft and Rise of Nations (10 year olds and viruses!  :/)

I am feeling much better today, so I hope to get the qal post all ready for you in the next day or so ;)  Hang tight, and sorry for the delay!
(My tablet cant access blogger to edit posts :/)
Happy Monday!


  1. Firstly get better. Secondly I am so late to the party that you are all in pajamas and the porch light is switched off. Lol. I am following you but at some great distance, but I am here.


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