Sunday, March 16, 2014

Secret Book of Maps

When I first started quilting I called patterns maps.  Mainly because I need diagrams in order to make a quilt :-)

My sweet friend April made me a book of maps a few years ago. 

It has graph paper inside :). I love it and use it every day!

I decided that I needed to make one for all of my quilts bffs. 

I have a few more to make for other friends. I am loving them :-)



  1. It is great to have a friend like you. I am honored to have been in your presence.

  2. Great idea! What a nice friend you are!

  3. What a thoughtful idea for gifts for quilters.. your friends are going to love them.

  4. Love this! Graph paper rocks! I think this would be a great thing to make for our guild's silent auction! Thanks so much for sharing!

  5. What a sweet friend you are! LOVE THIS!!!


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