Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Crazy Love Iron Tote

Whenever we have a sew day I bring my iron because it is big and HOT!!

...and I always have to drive home holding a hot iron in one hand :/

I bought me some of this silver heat fabric stuff over a year ago to make me a iron holder thing.

Last Thursday was the day it finally happened!  I made myself a tote out of Crazy Love, what else???

Bag details-
The exterior is quilted with thin cotton batting.
The interior silver heat resistant fabric is quilted very lightly with Insul-Bright batting (like 4 straight lines just to keep everyone in place)


  1. The mental image of you driving along while holding an iron is hilarious, but this is probably much better for you and everyone else on the road. :) Smart idea!

  2. too cute, and now driving home will be so much safer!!!!


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