Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Modern Asterisk READY for Quilting :)

The day has finally come to get this top all together :)  ...well, yesterday actually...

(I had to go out of town last week to help my daughter)

Section 1
So, this pattern is originally designed for a twin size bed, but my customer needs it to be queen size.

Section 1 & 2
With a few modifications, this pattern was easily modified to fit a queen size bed.

All three sections
My poor design wall was is NOT large enough, so the floor got enlisted ;)

One of the sections sewn up.
I arranged the blocks into three sections, according to the pattern, with a little shift in direction.

Two of the sections sewn up.
It went together REALLY quickly (THANK HEAVENS!) :-D

Ta-Da! All sewn!
Today, the top heads off to the quilter.  I cant wait!!

The finished size is 84" x 90".  I need it to be a titch larger so I added a 2" white border all of the way around.

I CAN'T WAIT (I know, I already said that ;))

Pattern: Modern Asterisk by Kimbery Bourne of Main Street Market Designs
Fabric:  Nearly all of the fabric was designed by Joel Dewberry from his Notting Hill Collection, ....and a few other of his collections.  Two of the chartreuse fabrics were not Joel's.


  1. LOVE!
    Is it silly that I even love the white seam allowances showing through?

    1. That is exactly what i feel too! The quilt is so crisp and clean, seams and all!

  2. That is GORGEOUS!!! I bet it will be a relief to hand it off to the quilter.... SO much work into it already.

    Thanks for joining me for finish it up Friday!

  3. What a gorgeous quilt! Your modifications worked out perfectly.

  4. I am usually not tempted to try a pattern with the word "modern" in the title, BUT seeing your Modern Asterick has me rethinking things!!! It is gorgeous!! Be sure to post again when you get it back from the quilter.

  5. It looks fantastic! I love the colour choices and fabrics!

  6. Love it... and i love the seam 'outlines' too!


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