Friday, April 25, 2014

CRAZY LOVE Sew Together Bag Sew-Along

No doubt that you have seen the Sew Together Bag by SewDemented floating around the internet.  

At our "Church Ladies" Sew Day a few of us made the AWESOME bag.

I decided to break into my sacred stash of Jennifer Paganelli "Crazy Love" that I have been hording since my birthday last year.  (Nearly a full year as by birthday is next Tuesday ;))

The pattern went together REALLY well as we followed Heather over at The Quilt Barn's Sew-Along on her blog.  HERE

All of Heather's pictures HELPED a TON!  Thank you, Heather!!!

I LOVE the wild colors of Crazy Love.  Jennifer Paganelli is a GENIUS!!

The bag is HUGE!  It is 9.5" long and 4" wide at the base.

I added a little wool for a needle holder.

I see a few more of these bags in my future!

I used Pellon 809 fusible interfacing.  Next time I am going to piece the exterior of the bag :-D


  1. That is the cutest purse ever! I don't think I could just use it as a quilt hold it bag though. I would be using it all the time!

    I need to thank you for your awesome blog. I started reading it in Qingdao, China last year while my husband and I were there as BYU China Teachers. It gave me so many ideas of what I wanted to do when I got home. Now I think I have completed maybe four quilts...How do you get so much done? You are so amazing!!!

    On the Modern Asterick Quilt, I hope it is not too difficult. I loved it the first time I saw it on your blog. I already had a fat quarter stash of chevrons, so I was hooked. Now I have the grey background, so I almost have enough other quilts out of the way to start. Other than having two different groups of Chinese and Korean guests coming to see us in the next two months for extended stays. But, I'll get there.

  2. Love link ups because of the great projects - I was actually not familiar with this bag and now I totally need to make it! Love your addition of the needle holder! Beautiful fabrics too!

  3. This is absolutely stunning! Love the design and the fabrics.

  4. Well, Happy Birthday next Tuesday! My birthday is the Thursday after that! YAY for us Tauruses (Taurusi?) Love that bag. I am just going to have to try my hand at that one too, since I have been in a bag making mood lately!

  5. this is gorgeous!! I have some Crazy Love I have been hoarding for well over a year!! I am finally making my first sew together bag and I love it already!!!

  6. Marion, this is gorgeous! I just visited Jennifer Paganelli last Saturday for her annual holiday sale. And bought some more fabrics, of course :))) I have some of her crazy love, and I just can't get myself to cut into it, isn't it nuts?! What pattern did you use for the sew together bag? How easy it is to make? I wanna make 2 for the girls at work (10&12). Thank you and talk soon!

  7. I'm just getting ready to make my sew together bag. Yours is absolutely ADORABLE! I love the fabrics you chose and the bright colored zippers you used. So cute.


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