Sunday, June 8, 2014

...and harder... Honoring Brenna

Blogging has seemed to fallen by the wayside this past little while.  Life has been very complicated and difficult.

Our dear friends lost their newborn baby last week.  
Sweet Baby Brenna was only a day and a half old. 

Baby Brenna was born with a serious heart defect.  It was believed that there was a very good chance the wonderful doctors at Primary Children's Medical Center (Salt Lake City, Utah) would be able to repair her heart and her sweet parents would be able to raise her.  Unfortunately, during her first procedure, there were serious complications. ( HERE is the link to their family blog.)

 Brenna was uninsured and the parents make just enough money to not qualify for any assistance with the HUGE medical costs, not to mention the funeral costs.

Several wonderful friends in our community are having fundraisers for their family.

Wonderful Hillary, owner of Plunder Designs (LINK to website) is offering this beautiful necklace in Brenna's honor.  "This necklace is a limited edition and will only be available as long as supplies last. All of the proceeds will be donated to the family. Please help some of the most amazing people I know by calling our corporate office and reserving yours today! (monday-friday 9am-5pm mtn. time) 1-801-878-6360" (Shipping is free for this special item)

Another sweet friend, Lynnette Bowman, is having a Jamberry Nails Party to help raise funds for the Brown family.  Here is the LINK to the party.

There is also an account set up at Zion's Bank to receive any cash donations.  The account is set up under her father, William Tyler Brown's name.

I know that times are tight right now for pretty much everyone!  Anything you have to offer will be a great blessing to this sweet family.  Thank you!

PS- I will try to get back in the swing of blogging here soon!  You can always keep up with me in Instagram.  My username is MyQuitDiet.  The link is on the top right sidebar of my blog :)

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