Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Scrappy Sorting

Do you remember a while back when my friend Emily helped me to sort through all of my fabric???

(I blogged about it HERE when I got my longarm)

 Well the two boxes above got CRAMMED full of scraps. (CRAMMED PACKED FULL!)

It was my assignment to go through them and sort them.

Sunday afternoon I (FINALLY) did just that.

One box ended up with scraps 3.5" square or larger and the other box has 3.48" to 2.5" pieces.

The larger piece box is to be cut into 3.5" squares for future scrappy projects.

The smaller sizes are for my grandmothers flower garden hexy project.

During my sorting, I even was able to come up with another garbage sack full of 
scraps I don't really like :) 

Katie has graciously offered to take these off of my hands!

Feeling so pleased with myself, I decided to count my hexy flowers to see where I am.

I have quite a few more to go, but now that I am a bit more organized,
 I feel better about moving forward :)

To keep up on my hexy project, see the hashtag #GrammiesScrappyWildFlowerPatch on Instagram.

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