Saturday, January 28, 2012

It folds up nice to tote around :)  It will even sit on my lap!

 I bought this this morning at Creative Sewing in Provo after my quilting class. (See block below)  It has an ironing board on one side and a cutting board on the other :)  It's called The Omnigrid FoldAway Portable Cutting and Pressing StationsIt fits perfectly on the table next to my sewing machine.  I am SO happy!!!  The quilting class is pretty awesome!  You pay $5 the first time you come.  So long as you don't skip, are on time and bring your finished block, the next class and block fabric kit is free.  I'm pretty excited!!!
Cutting Mat
Ironing board 
My first block for my quilt of the block club

My neat pile of blocks waiting to be sewed :)

First row of sewn blocks

Three rows sewn, three rows to go!
I also bought, or should I say, got the correct walking foot and my first yardage of Minky for the back of MY valentine quilt :)  ...and a bit more border fabric... the paisley one :)


  1. So how much would it cost to have this new quilt queen make a girl a t-shirt quilt. I have been jealous for years of my "mormon siblings" quilts and have a pile of old t-shirt waiting to be quilted. Just curious! I love reading this blog. What a great space this is for your creativity and stress release! Cheers! Alice

  2. You'd just have to buy all of the stuff and I'd be glad to piece the top and back for u :) l have the number of lots of quilters who would do the quilting part. I'm not brave enough to do the quilting on a tshirt quilt :)


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