Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Quilt is FINiShED!!!

Well, some time after day 2 and day 4, I finished the quilt back. I contacted a professional quilter to have it quilted and was all ready to do that when I woke up one morning and decided to quilt it myself on my own sewing machine :0 I followed the instructions in the quilting book I bought and went for it! I decided to do a straight stitch because I couldn't get my machine to "meander" :p  I bravely stitched and stitched.  Once I was finished I trimmed it and hand bound it.  I saw an illustration of these hair clip things from when I was a kid used to hold the quilt together.  The cost money so I figured I could use bobby pins.... it worked GREAT!
This blogging editor is being weird... so sorry that this looks so strange!  The next post will be most interesting.....

The back.... this took more time to design than the front....even thought it doesn't look like it ;D
bobby pin for binding :)  INGENIOUS!!!
California, my home state :)

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