Saturday, January 21, 2012

So here goes...

I've tried every diet known to mankind. The only thing in the world that has ever worked for me is Weight Watchers. It worked so well in fact that I worked for them for several years. Last summer I found myself needing to resign due to the ever growing family needs. It was hard to leave, but family first and all that jazz ;D Anyhoots, with all of the stress of life, I have added some of my weight back on :P If you want to read my weight loss blog, it's :) So this January, knowing that I need to get my booty back into gear, I decided to take up quilting. It's my new diet. Of course WW is my REAL "diet" but quilting is my new distraction and stress reliever. ;D I am going to post my projects here as I do them and report on my weight success. I will divulge the things in my life that are going on, so beware of babble and a bit of whining :D ..sorry!
I'm guessing that not many peeps will be viewing this, and that might be for the best. My over all plan is to attend my WW meetings, exercise and QUILT!

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