Saturday, October 20, 2012

A Saturday of Sewing

I was POOPED out Friday because of our SUPER late Thursday Sew Night, so I just kinda vegged and vegged until I went to lunch with April and Emily :)  Then I came home and vegged some more until I headed out to my mom's for a sew-in at her home Friday afternoon.  I worked on sewing all of my hst's into blocks. They are CUTE!!  See yesterday's phone-post ;D  We sewed until the wee hours of the morning!

Saturday I went to the Utah County Modern Quilt Group at Broadbent's in Lehi.  We had a sew-in after the meeting.  I made some progress on my daughter's Weekender Bag.

The colors are yellow and grey.

These pics are not doing the colors justice :(

xo and nighty night! :D


  1. I want to go to lunch! I came home from school and crashed Friday. Maybe next time we should go home at 10 instead of 11. Love your daughter's bag!!! Drooling on my keyboard! Jamie Bibler, Nadine, and I are going to sew an easy purse one of these days. I told Jamie about the crazy one you MADE me do. :)

    1. NO KIDDING!!! I seriously had no idea what time it was. We will have to set a timer next month ;)
      Ps- I'll call you for lunch next time :)
      pps- an easy bag sounds good :) mom has decided to make them for all of the big girls for Christmas. Since I already have one, I told her she had to get me the 1 yard bundle of Jennifer Paganellli's crazy love :) 9 yards of solid joy!!!! ;D. evil genius is showing....

  2. This is looking awesome! Love the palette!


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