Friday, October 19, 2012

Weekend Update

Holy Busy-Rolli!  (Yes, that is the new phrase of the week... along with "proclivity" which is the actual cool word of the week.)  I have a proclivity for being WAY TOO Holy Busy-Rolli!!! :D

This week has just sped by at full lightning speed!  Monday I bound and bound and bound!  One quilt for Emily Herrick and 6 items for Terry.  PHEW!  I thought I was finished, but when Terry picked up her things on Monday, she gave me two sewing kits to finish up for her :)  Thank heavens for work!

Tuesday I finished up Terry's sewing kits just in time to test some patterns for Terry.  One went together like a snap, the other is in a heap on my sewing table mocking me! :p  (I'll show photos at the end of the month after market). ***I don't get to go to market :(  I am just the sewing elf for many fabulous designers that are going to fall market ;)

Wednesday Emily gave me two more quilts to bind for market and two more are on the way for binding today.

So, what did I get to sew for myself this week?  Hold on a sec, and I'll show you :)

I started working on my hst quilt for the Utah Valley Modern Quilt Group at my church's quilting night Thursday.  Check out the WILD party HERE.

Cute cut triangles needing to be pressed :)

the other side of the cute little triangles needing to be pressed!

Ta-da!  Pressed hst's

Here are chain pieced pairs of joined hst's waiting to be pressed and joined in the other direction!

A lay out of what the finished block will look like.

I am hoping to get these all finished today... or tonight.... or tomorrow.  I REALLY love the EASY method I use for making hst's blogged HERE!

I also need to cut out my daughters Weekender bag while she is at work today.  I have to find some way to make it a surprise for her :)

I also, ALSO need to get to work on the girls socks for Christmas   Being alone without any of them around to see what I am up to is HARD! ...especially since I like to knit at night while we watch a movie or TV :(


  1. You are one busy lady! That's a lot of binding. Have fun at quilt market!

    1. Hi Barb! I wish I was going to market, but alas, I am just a little sewing elf for those who are going ;) They are going to have such a wild fun time, even if I am not their to party with them ;D


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