Thursday, October 4, 2012

Newspapers From Heaven

I finished a quilt for Konda.  It is for Timeless Treasures' booth at market.  It's a secret, so this is all I can show you until the end of the month :)  I just have to say that this quilt is SO SUPER cute!!!  Watch for the full length post at the end of the month.

Now, you may say, "What is this picture of a copy paper box on your doormat doing on your blog post?"  Well, let me tell you a WONDERFUL story.  
Last month my sweet hubby lost his job of nearly 17 years :(  [this isn't the wonderful part ;)]  I was crying in my soup on the phone with my friend Cheryl about running out of paper towels and not being able to clean the glass on my cupboards very well without the paper towels.  (no job=no $$ for paper towels) As we chatted on the phone, I heard a knock on the door, and who should it be, but Cheryl WITH a roll of paper towels for me :)  Aren't cell phones cool?
Anyhoots, Cheryl and I continued our visit until Konda showed up for a meeting I had with her that evening. Cheryl left and I told Konda quickly about what sweet Cheryl had done :)
---Please note, that through this whole "paper towel crisis" the idea that news papers worked really well for cleaning glass came up with both Konda AND Cheryl.  We don't subscribe to any newspapers, so that wasn't going to work out.----
On with the story and fast forward to today.  I was at my friend Annette's house sewing (see tomorrow's post for pics and details) when my daughter Kate called and wanted to know what this box was doing on out porch FILLED with the The New York Times.  I told her that some paperboy's papers must have been delivered to the wrong house and I'd call someone and get it straightened out when I got home.
Later, when I finally got home, I was about to see if I could figure out who those newspapers belonged to when I checked my email really quickly.  I found this email from Konda, 
"At school today, the recycle bin was overflowing with yesterday's newspapers. I thought of you and your "crisis" over cleaning your windows a few weeks ago. I left them on your front porch in a box. Now you have "window cleaning supplies" to last you a long time and you can use your paper towels for something else :)

I need to call Konda and thank her, but her sweetness makes me cry and when I cry I can't talk, so on the phone I sound like an obscene/heavy breather/prank caller.  I will call her after I am cried out :)

I have been thinking a lot about the generosity and love showed to our family during this hard time...and many other hard times we have had.  I have learned throughout the trials in my life, that during the most difficult times, we see the greatest miracles.  Through the love of our friends and family, I have learned that God loves us and answers our prayers through them.  I am certainly not saying [or implying] that I am a fan of HARD times, but I do find great comfort in knowing that our family will be taken care of and make it through.   ...A simple box of newspapers reminds me this is so :)


  1. Oh man, I'm so sorry to hear about Dave's job. That bites, doesn't it?! Grant went through that about 5 years ago... it was rough, but wonderful all mixed in at the same time. He has since started his own business from home and it's finally starting to look up. (hope! hope!) I wish you and Dave well in figuring out the next steps!!! My prayers are with you!

  2. Sad story made me smile. Hope He'll find a job soon! You have some special people around you for sure! :)


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