Monday, October 15, 2012

I Know What I Am Going To-Do Today...

Another busy week, are you surprised? ;D  I am SUPER excited about my finishes this week, especially the Weekender Bag :)  I had TWO sew days last week.  One with my friend Annette and another at my mom's with Konda and April.  Are you ready to hear ALL about it?

Last Week's List
#1 Weekender Bag  DONE!!!  Read all about it HERE

#2 Emily's Quilt Top...nope, but I did sew another top for her, sew a back and another back and a binding.
#3 The April $29 girl quilt ...nope...nada...nein...
2 Mug Rugs.  Blogged HERE

Bonus... I quilted 4 place mats for a lady for quilt market and I am binding a bunch of things for her too.

#1 Finish binding's for hire
#2 Modern Quilt Group HST triangle quilt top
#3 Catch up with "Letters to my Daughter" block of the month

WIP's -in some form of progress...
Mario Bros. QAL
The April $29 girl quilt
The May $29 quilt
Challenge quilt for next year's quilt show
"Letters to my Daughter" block of the month

Back Burner Purgatory... lol!!! ;) (I've got the fabric for these, but no chop chop yet)
Chrisann's quilt (the AWESOME kindergarten teacher)
Will's birthday quilt (due December)
Mandy's quilt
2 Twin Size applique quilts for my nieces
The June $29 quilt
My bed quilt
July $29 Quilt
Civil War Layer Cake quilt

So, what are you up to this week?  PLEASE share with me :)


  1. I am starting Christmas this week! Pulling out all my Christmas fabrics and starting to cut into them to make table runners, mug rugs, and maybe a tree skirt. Oh - and I signed up for a Weekender Bag follow-along group. I'm going to check out your blog about yours now I love it!

    1. It sounds like you are all over Christmas :) Way to go and GOOD luck with the weekender bag. It is a ton of fun but a TON of work :)

  2. I'm finishing a Halloween quilt. Just finished quilting my son's R2D2 quilt this morning. Have to do some math later to figure out what I need to make a quilt top bigger. Going shopping for interfacing for my very own Weekender bag (or two or three). You know. Nothing much!

    Hey - question for you because you are my minky quilt back guru - do they typically bleed? I backed my son's quilt in red minky and I'm hesitant to wash it just yet because I don't want it to bleed onto the front. Any advice? Wash in cold? Help!

    1. Great question! :) Minky is a synthetic fiber and cannot bleed. The reason it does not bleed is that the threads are not dyed, but are actually thin strands of synthetic (plastic) material that IS red or blue or whatever. It can, however, shed tiny little fibers that may seem like it is bleeding. I do wash my red or dark minkies in cold and I always use color catchers or synthrapol. (You will see the tiny fibers in the vent filter of your dryer).

  3. Just love your bag! Fabulous looking!

    & it's nice that I am on your list of people to make quilts for! Thanks! lol

    1. Thank you Mandy! It was really fun / hard to make ;)

  4. I am working on a purple quilt with Aprils pattern "April shower's" for my sweet Olivia also this week I have picked out a assortment of olive type greens and some brown and some tans to attempt making camo quilt with it, kinda digi camo I hope it turns out I'm going to try a split nine patch with the fabrics to see if it will work out!!! And I'm going to hire you to make me a cute weekender bag!!! ;)

    1. What a great idea for the camo quilt! The moose quilt I did for my son was a split 4 patch and ended up very camo-like.
      ...and as for the weekender bag, I'dbe happy to make you one :) (the labor cost alone is about $500 :/ ) Lol. But seriously, it's over 30 hours of work for the patchwork version. YIKES


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